10 Mar 2008


It is part of an approach. Generally. Full dedication. To anything. Not wise. Not practical. Sometimes proven success. Most times proven a not worth it realisation. What is wrong with being practical. Being mind person. It does not sound bad. It sounds balanced and it is balanced. Between heart and head, the heart minded decision or the mind hearted decision usually works best. Does not burden either. The mind or the heart. Both are utilized. Both are approached. Both taken in consideration. Both work in harmony. How to do that? Me? I hardly did. Either. OR. Is my direction. Result? Good I suppose. No regrets. Maybe because I regret nothing at the end of anything. I find it 'interesting', and I move on. Learning and it is fun. Only after it is done. But the issue is, nothing gets healed. The wound stays and manifest in a snarl. Snarl and more numbness to this area. A look with suspicious disbelieve that nothing is real. Most things, if not all, are just a part of a calculated equation.

But hey, here again, why bet on the wrong black horse? As he said, here is just a part of 'suppositely' many aspects. Why invest fully here, when we can invest in many areas. And this is what I intend to do here. Here in this new situation I am in. I know it is part. And it will remain a part. Yes, involved. But. No, not fully. It is a part. Forever remains so, and always have been. I have tried many and all with the hope to find total sucking in, throwing of self, but there is nothing like that. 'Practical' I now say. My own voice tells me, 'Practical I said.' And yes, I obey. 'A part. And Apart.' Nothing will really change. And on and on we all go.

It is the alignment of decisions. Priorites. Path. Future. Direction. What makes me happy. And now I know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Full dedication, u do dedicate urself fully when u r interested in result, then how u cannot regret at the end of anything (Means u weren’t dedicated.), anything that happened not in the way u planned? U r dedicated when u want to have exactly what u want, then why to dedicate urself?

Proper set the priorities, identify the direction and dedicate urself. That is the key to success.

I don’t believe that if u will partially dedicate urself on smth u will succeed.

I might not get it clearly again, since I read ur blog in wee hours.

Have a nice day.

Lisa Simpson.

3/10/2008 06:33:00 pm  

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