17 Mar 2008


'Her name will even make you fall in love with her. It is full of love.'

I was driving over 6th of october bridge, precisely over Ramsis, on Saturday when he sent me this message. I smiled. This is his ongoing guessing game that he does perfectly to tease and excite me!

As he sure expected, I flooded him with endless guessing for the girl's name. I said, 'shahd, 3ahd, wa3d' and he denied. I did not like these names but his message just sailed me to this direction. Then I got over excited and impatient and started, 'lawahez..., what? Tell me.'

'Laila'. He texted back
'I knew it. But I thought you wont name her so because of political reasons.' I replied in no time.

Well, I can be 'full of shit' as he always tells me. Always this 'smart ass' who knows it all. I am sure he rolled his eyes and mumbled.

Fact is, the grandpa coincidently nicked her as 'O'. My nick name. Nice, huh?

I knew one thing. He will love her to the max; spoil and shower her with his love and kindness to the max; secure her presence, future and needs to the max; protect and discretely watch her to the max. All these without announcing, showing or acknowledging even to himself that he is actually doing all that. It is part of who he is.

I still remember the Shipping stocks he bought and sold for her. Regardless that it was a virtual transaction that he cashed the 20% gain in his head, but I was touched. He does think of her. Silently. Consider her in his thinking and investments. Sincerely. Tiny as she is, she absorbs the most refined of his loving. A sincere silent love. Deep and pure. Practical. And the combination is divine. This is what he does best. And it is part of who he is.

'She is a clever kid.'
He keeps repeating this sentence whenever I ask about her. I know exactly what he meant. I visualize how he plays with her; tease, approach and watch her. I imagine, with her, he let go and allow the little kid in him to surface. To play and float. Allow her to take him beyond the parent figure he forever have been playing. A venue to think and reflect, and more certainly, connect with his own kid. To be himself. The best part of who he is. I have seen it and know.

'I am proud of Loo. She is a great mother. When searching for a shoes, she searched at clarks. Not any shoes.'

I am amazed. He claims to have short memory, and insists that tiny details by-pass him. But with L, he does not. He watches form a distance. Silently. He is proud and happy with both Ls. The mother and the daughter. And who is the mother? She is part of him. I am sure he taught her silently. And she absorbed from his elegance and wisdom silently. I can almost see the twinkling of her eyes proudly watching him. And the the nodding of his head, mumbling 'bravo', when seeing her executing his vision.

Now it is about me. I wish I could write a better post; to be the best post ever. To really reveal how I feel. But it is difficult. My legs are playing in frustration; tears coming down because I know there is no way on earth that I can show how I feel in words.

I trust that you know.

And I trust that there will remain only one 'O' to you. That is me.


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