17 Mar 2008


Bliss keeps playing its music. Deep tones. Sad notes. Drilling and vibrating the sad accumulations. Dead hope and alive agony burried beneath the struggling breath. Searching eyes. Longing for healing water to swap clean the dead vibes. Cascade and hit hard with every dripping in the tone. To reach farther. To sink deeper. To peel sharper. To scratch even blindly. The pain. The healed. The core. Faster and deeper. Harder and intese. Until the colour of red shows. Drip. Stain. Drop. Erode this rotten feeling that is taking over. Only then, maybe the healing effect will dangle in seduction. Seduce to sweep clean everything but Marline Monore meeting of confusion. Sadness. Loneliness. Agony. All together, dancing, intermingling, interacting and actively inventing a new combination. This time it will take you directly to a place where you alone will recognize as paradise.

Is it sadness that kills us? Loneliness? Confusion? Or all that is the soft symptom of despair. I do not know. Oh, no I know. What kills is when you know how it feels to be happy; who you are when happy; how it is when you find the missing; when you sink in; allow to be absorbed. When you feel the union. When smile and tears mingle silently for no reason. Peace prevail. And no one, and nothing can take away or dare come close to these memories. They are the only reality in a dream word.

Maybe it is a curse. To attain to that degree and be forced to let go. I do not know. I just know that it is normal to miss the breath.

'A deep longing for safety.'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very touching. Almost felt the sadness.

3/17/2008 02:25:00 pm  

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