23 Dec 2007


I opened my window today. Removed the bambo wooden curtain and looked out. It was such a nice sunny day. Quiet and a bit warm except of the chilling breeze. I looked out and whispered in a tone that I knew very dear, a light mix of sarcasm with funny tone along with a thread of wish: why dont you take it easy! Just work 3 days from home, take the money, and take things really light. Who really cares? It is quite an achievement to just secure your job and have a light time. Why the struggle and actually investing in work and what you do!

Well, I promised myself, until i close the window at least, that this is my new strategy. Just do what's enough. What's wrong with that? Absolutely nothing wrong. I will at the end still take the same amount of money if not more, take the same amount of respect if not also more, and much much more, I will be loved and social and everyday I leave the door of my company, I spit on them all with a smile instead with a sour feeling.

I think this is success. Money. Easy job. Good car. Nice vacations. Nice home. Well, I got the last 3. Time to get the first 2.

Seriously this time. I promise.

Absolutely, I swear, nothing wrong in that.


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