16 Dec 2007


Surprised by the deep attempt to include. Was not the norm since a while now. I immedicately changed direction from lacoste to khan. Sat upstairs after some adventures and best route manipulation. I sat there eating casata and drinking latte. It was freezing but I was warmed with the excitement of seeing the whole picture, mute but I can see it live.

Masimo Dutti brown very elegant jacket. Lovely grass green light wool pullover. Orange shirt and a brown pants. Lovely colours. Good choice.

Ugly light blue high collar pullover. Mediocar stone robe. Ugly blackish pants. Nice black jacket.



What do I get? Aggressive. very aggressive acutally. In the hand moves, the way of speaking, the face, the movement of the mouth. Very aggressive. I can tell why it is annoying to sit with or carry a conversation with. Too irritating and when talking to and start teasing as grown ups, the thing turned to a little bit of a friction and someone turning a lip inside. It's interesting.

They all left but the dutti. Alone it sat. The night entered. Beautiful scene and tranquil music all falling on the scene. Alone it sat. And alone the other sat. Behind one another, but so separated by stupid crowd. One seeing the other but the other not seeing the one. I wondered what the thought was until i was nodded in assurance, that the thought was you.


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