4 Dec 2007


Sometimes the best way to being a parent is not to be a parent for a while. This is someting I am trying to do but fail miserably everytime I attempt to. Well, I have decided since quite sometime to backoff and watch the little baby as it manuvers and find its own path and urge. With lots of struggle I let it be, and I am letting it be up to this moment. Either through being harsh, kind, available and discrete or simply over parenting. It is tough especially with personalities that are not only as controlling as mine, but also that have the minimum amount of patience and like to get things down. I am not open in general, but sadly more not open to a lot of bullshitting under any name; spoilt character or indecisiveness where choices are not an option to me but a must take or just leave. Well, I see where the baby is going. From here to there but no no, for sure not to the old habbit of biting your nails. Will attempt to make me watch while you bite your nails, I will make sure to cut your fingers off!

I better not concentrate much actually. As F. used to tell me, fake it till you make it; or as sally field in brothers and sisters once said, 'best way to be a parent is not to be a parent for sometime.'

Oh WEll.


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