29 Sep 2007


So they finally re-routing Zamalek! They have a stupid, far from brilliant plan for Zamalek to change all the street directions for some weird reason. Well, cause Jamal is living here now in this area. A weird enough reason I suppose. Not sure what does re-routing this side of zamalek with a famous person living here? No clue. As my friend told me, they want to confuse people's brain so that they dont know have time to do any harm to the guy. (Well she always says it in a very funny way that cracks me up everytime I ask the same question).

I was going from crave wanting to go to Diwan the other day in my friend's car, when I realized this reshaping. Seriously, i guess it has been for a while now but I never noticed it because I dont drive in zamalek side streets. So I tried to navigate but alas we ended up going round and round and it drove all around zamalek to just reach 26 of July! I was pissed actually. Cursed and cursed. And then I realized that they simply, just simply, changed the street directions. Why? Not sure. Did any one ever complain about that before? No. So why on earth did they want to perplex us. To keep having our minds go round and round trying to figure where the hell are we all the time. Braeking us free and away from all the familiarity we promise ourselves everynight to wake up find it the same. why do that? Am I over reacting? It is just a damn street re-routing! God no! It is part of a the politica of etranger! Make you unfamiliar, subtely, so so slowly that at one point you feel like a stranger in the very midst of your own home. Already I am having that, so this adds up.

I took a picture of the brilliant new map of the vision of the re-routing. Hanging carelessly on one of these lousy, rusted barriers they block the streets with. So small. Hanging in shame behind the ass of an officier who is just standing there not knowing what on earth I am doing here. It is lousy. Not clear. Not even comprehensible. Just a map that is part of trying to show the people that, 'We've got you a plan and a map. So it is part of a strategy, guys!' Smart Asses. Oh, I mean, Asses!

Now, Mar'ashly street takes you to Muhammad Mazhar. Muhammad Mazhar is one way now going towards the Nile. They opened all the streets on the Left and closed Mar'ashly! Kinda funny. You can now keep going on Isma'il Muhammad till the very end instead of having to turn left on Shajar el Dur. You can go on straight. Opened the streets on the right. Switched the AUC hostel street. Now the big wide right turn is closed with barrage only leaving you a small tiny space to take right on Mar'ashly. Annoying. Zamalek now looks likes a huge wide round about where for you to reach any place you have to go in circles. Not sure stilll how does this differ from before! There has never been any clustering at any of these streets except on occasions of wedding, but it is still the same. Not sure how changing street direction can possibly ever forever mean better traffic.

Everywhere sucks!


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