29 Sep 2007


For some unknown raison, i decided to go shopping at carrefour, Maadi. I must have been very bored or maybe too optimistic to consciously do that. I took my car and went there. Ah, I remembered, I wanted to buy a bathroom curtain!! But again, why did i choose to go there? No clue.

It was really a shameful experience. It was ramadan. Weekend. And it was crowded. The least you can say about it is that it was crowded. But this is not a big deal. Crowded places means it is good, and this means that this country is economically doing good...etc. However, there is something in our crowdeness that is really interesting. It reveals the desperation and capitalize on the worst of us. You know, get the worst out of you. Of course assume that we have any good side!

Initally, people stare at your shopping cart all the time. Check out what are you got yourself. I happen to buy San Pelligrino, a sparkling water, that I am sure they mistake it as beer or alchol. So they look to it, stare and stare then look to you. This staring part either to my cart or myself annoys me to the extreme. I mumble or give them a look. I really feel annoyed. Why on earth do you check my food out. You know what you want, go get it. You have the whole hyper market to yourselves. Or you really dont know what you want and thus checking mine out maybe I got something that will inspire you? Or it is just that you want to make sure you shop more than me? Want to know where I stand with my shopping? COncerned about my health and want to check what I dont get so that you advise me? Give me one damn reason why do you check out what I get? Seriously!

Lined up for getting vegetables and fruits, people really treat the food in a bad way. Grab the poor tomato out from among its fellows and then squeeeze its balls out as if giving it an oragsm and then throwing it back. Why do that? The tomato simply shows its freshness right from a look. Why do you have to treat it that bad. Debate and debate. Complain about price. And then buy or throw. Well, we will buy it from oum sayeda better. Ok, why screw the tomato if you can get it from the lady in the street? I think part of the abuse.

This other lady, she hit the Large size Heinz Ketchup bottle and she broke one on the floor. Then by the time she wanted to check out what happened, another bottle was kicked and broken. Then her husband snatched the cart and the cart hit another one. So here we have 3 bottles of Heinz ketchup on the floor, totally broken and the red blood ketchup spread on the floor. Her husband, looked around. Saw me looking and no one else, so he ordered his wife to move it and leave the things out. No reporting. Why would he do that? No responsibility. Break the thing and fly. It is sure the carrefour people responsibility to clean up and account for the 3 bottles. Ok, at least tell the cleaning people so that they clean up. Why would he do that?

I think part of the problem is that they really dont realise that they need to do any action. Really. They are used to having someone else do this on their behalf. It does not cross their mind that who does something has to report it. Seriously, this doesnt register in their mind map. They know, if I did something, what is the best way to hide and assimilate it. Only! This is what they have been trained well to do. Take and run. Break and run. Screw and run. I first and no one else deserves to be or do anything.

Men are crap!


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