7 Sep 2007


I hardly chat. When I do, I find this smile crawling into my face. Chat is interesting when you take it to 'check it out' and detect what's happening.

'How's ramadan doing with you this year. ?' Wrote a friend.
I smiled. I so damn sure what he meant. But I said,

' SHoot!! Did it start already! I thought it was next week.'
'No no. Next week still' (yea punk)
'So, what did you mean?'
'I meant are you getting ready for it'
'How so'

He knew I might not get it probably or that it totally not in my agenda, so he tried to appear less islamic to a moment.

'did you buy yamish, meat...'
'Oh no no. I dont do that. X and me eat very light food anyways. We dont cook except healthy food.'
'Good diet.'
'Oh yea'

But he wont let me go like this. recap.

'So any intentions for ramadan.?'
'Yea. Probably fast'
'Is there anything else I should intend. Fast, pray maybe and walk'
'Walk? Why walk'
'Yep. walk after breakfast with X. and drink coffee. Go to Gym. Library.'
'Then I dont get you. What are you trying to intend for?'
'Make an intention to pray at a certain mosque, if you are going to pray tarawee7, finish quran.'
'Ah ok. I got you. Well, our program you are asking. Well, nothing much. we intend as we do every year, to have light breakfast. Go for a walk shortly after breakfast. Drink coffee. Walk around until night prayers and pray at the closest mosque from wherever we are. This year will go to Library 3 times a week to study for our PhD exam.'
'Oh. NO tarawee7'
'Well, if X wanted to do that he can. I dont do it, will go to the gym instead. En bref, no kill yourself intention for ramadan for me. What about you?'
'I intend to pray at this x mosque. Read koran. Go to less invitations.'
'Great. So how does that differ from mine?'
'Well, it doesnt. Just that you are mazag! Light attitude about it'
'versus what?'
'Having a clear intention and put an effort. This month is a holy month...and you should do everything that is related to God' ....etc

And on and on...

To me ramadan is ramadan. Holy or not. I dont really care. I like that it is under control. I know when people will leave. When the streets will be busy. When to walk. When to drink coffee. That's what I like. This holy month attitude I feel is over commercialized.


Blogger MoonLightShadow said...

That's the word I've been looking for!

9/07/2007 01:21:00 pm  
Blogger haal said...

Long time. How are you doing? Good to see you again after such a long time. How's work? Still at your IT company? Got a chance to move to somewhere else.

Yes, commercialized. Between prayer packages and tv packages not sure where we will go!

9/07/2007 02:44:00 pm  

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