7 Sep 2007


So into this huge huge extended family gathering. X's cousin got married to this guy and they lived in zamalek. Almost 2 blocks away. So! Her mother got them a real big gathering and invited everyone to come. And we did.

I dont particularly enjoy family gatherings. I have to be this little cutie pie. Polite and delicate. They do think so because my presence is always light. I hardly say what I mean. I notice. Exchange looks with X and smile. Giggle. Or at time crack. I could never tell them what the hell is going in my mind. Cant trust they will spread it around and become the bad duck. So luckily I got myself a nice partner who understands me and most important thinks the same. Well, he actually observes me to make sure I am ok and not over bored.

Its interesting this huge family gathering, especially those I attend to. He would tell me a year ago, and warn me againt these gatherings. I surprised him until now that I handle that gathering so damn well. That I am so loved and admired by the family and they all want to come sit and chat with me. Again I dont mind. As long as you are gossiping about your own life, your sex life, your husband that's absolutely fine. Dont ask about mine. I am happy listening and mumbling couple of opinions that I think are basic and they think is so wise and mature! Anyways, if it's enough to make you think I am cool, then be so. I am happy.

At times when I am absolutely bored for no particular reason, i will just attach myself to a group of women (what else) and pretend I am so following what they are saying when I actually hardly hear them. I nod. Smile and look into the eye as if I am really there. I would find myself laughing and nodding when I am not even hearing a word or most likely think that this topic is so god damn boring and old and trivial. I look around trying to find any nice thing to observe.

At other times, I would just sit on a chair space out, until the cute N. would come to make sure that I am ok. I would absolutely smile and say yes yes. Invent anything.

At other other times, I just stand next to him and remain silent until he in a mean way ask me what i think in what has been just said, or point to me as the expert in this or had done that. He smiles. I give him this look and find myself saying something, or asking him to repeat the question please! DAA..

But the one thing i like is after these gatherings, we talk talk talk talk and see if we both have noticed the same hidden body language or who said what and how this or that reacted. This is the fun part.

But big family gatherings! Not for me. I go along as long as it is once or twice a month. No problem.

So, we will go visit R. our new neighbour. Issue is her husband is so antisocial. Will hardly talk. R. is much younger than me in some non-age sense. Her mother is already calling me her older sister. I am not anyone's older sister.


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