2 Aug 2007


Lime disease. Ruby. Pyramids. Charlotte. Nokia. Shubra. Alex. Ayooooo.

Deer meat. Pasta with vodka sauce. Expensive silverwear. Cheap napkins. Bad table manners.

Huge house. Electronic gate. Palace like. Big house. Small space. Furniture. Stairs. Up. Down.

Claude Monet. Monaliza. Egypt. Family. All tilted. All all picture tilted.

Crystal vase. Golden plates. Crystal and golden chandelier. Mosaic glass cheap lamp.

Jaquzzi. Golden tapes. Golden boarders. Huge golden candles. Emperor constantine.

Electronic bathroom. Did not know how to flush. Closed the seat. Prayed no one would notice.3 days passed. My pee still there. Now I knew how to flush.

Fancy clothes. Fancy watch. Fancy car. Staying all day in her PJ

Expensive lotions. Channel Mademosielle. 5 bathrooms. No shower all day.

Pampered girl. George the monkey all day. Spitting on me. In her underwear all day.

Fake life.


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