6 Aug 2007


... the same mistake over and over again. I do. I never learn. I throw myself into the same situation. I do. Have to feel totally uncomfortable and totally out of place. I do. All for what? I have no idea. I keep promising myself I will never do that again. They are just not my style. Totally off my head. Not their attitude, way of life, words, social class, thinking. Nothing. As if I come from somewhere else. Different galaxy.

He is weird. Even more weird than before. Totally off. 'I like your eyeglasses', she will tell him. He will answer, 'well, they are RL my dear'. I crack. I just laugh. Not sure why but it is so akward of an answer. He is annoying. All the time talks about money, money, money, plans to change this or get that. Run run run all the time. I keep commenting in a sarcastic tone if he ever managed to sit and enjoy what he has been running around doing. Oh Oh, and a roman freaken balcony to drink tea in. I asked, ' so any tea drunk there?' I need another closet because i have tons of suits that there are no place for them. How many suites? almost 120! I said, well time to get rid of most. or do you wear 3 at a time!

I am sarcastic. But i am serious. I am annoyed to a max. Feel suffocated with people like that.

Fakeness. Smart assing. Not enjoying as much as accumulating. Running around.

He got a new dining room with 18 chairs!!! Wow.... why i asked? oh oh becuase when we have huge parties. I smiled, his wife was just complaining that he doesnt like to invite anyone!!

I think he is crazy. Has greatness syndrom.

To know how desperate they are, his wife goes out with me to sushi, and she takes a full bottle of wine with her. She finishes it all. To the last drop. 'Oh no no no. I cant eat sushi without wine.' Wine! God bless Shoubra!


Blogger Alina said...

I so dislike these type of people. So many of them though. Prada glasses in here.. :P

8/07/2007 02:00:00 pm  
Blogger Jane said...

I think the term you are looking for to describe this man is either meglomaniac or delusions of grandeur.
I find lack of integrity and falseness hard to cope with. I am not good at playing nice and being polite about my dislike.

8/22/2007 11:57:00 pm  

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