22 Jul 2007


Gucci. Burberry. Coach.

Been browsing all the bags site for sometime now while sitting in my kitchen overlooking a nice garden; cool breeze; trees and more nice scenery. How peaceful. Noise from in the house or outside does not disturb me. I dont even notice them. I tend to really separate from everything and concentrate. Never thought I did, but people notice that and in turn i noticed it too. When I made a comment like, 'i am enjoying a quite time', my companions raised their eyebrows and think that I am mocking or being sarcastic. Then I feel embarressed because I really meant it and didnt really notice or even mind the noise.

Back to LV, Gucci, BB, Coach. Why am I interested in that? Well, I love bags. Huge bags or really tiny bags that I can carry across. Not at all girlie, but rather too practical. Big bags have been the favourite type since I was young. Anything that I can drop all the things i want in: books, notes, notebook, tons of pens, change, money.. anything that is not inorder.

Since I have been here, I start to search for these branded bags. Not sure why though! But they are fun. Maybe because the signee awareness has been booming recently and I want to maintain my social class !! Hmm.. sounds ridiculous and cheap! Well, I used to carry a grocery bag at AUC for years, now what happened!

I guess it is the new cheap money revolution; Dubai's impact; City stars impact; shallowness; lots of time; Lebanese women effect; or it could be just Haal!


Blogger haal said...


7/22/2007 06:13:00 am  
Blogger Alina said...

I share the same preference for larger bags. As for the brand name...well, it does happen once in a while. Afterwards, when you see there's nothing special, you'll get tired of it :)

7/23/2007 09:19:00 pm  

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