14 Apr 2007

Pompee Tower

Yes. And Yes!

It all started like that, followed with a playful smile while sipping my mocha coffee at Costa. And everything follows. Unplanned. What I thought was going to be a solo weekend, ends in a Solo weekend with a flavour.

We initially thought luxurious. The palace. A nice walk in the vast garden but for some reason we just resorted to going really 'local'. Gomrouk square. Bahari. Round and round in the poor, little, snack streets of alex. Watching in a quick crash tour of the alexandria we talked about and wished to explore but never did. In the car. Not even opening the window to smell the locations we are touring, we passed from one alley to another. One quartier to another. Names of saints, places, street names, old buildings, amazing balconies, nice old doors, and splendid architecture cocktailed from english to french to greek. Really good. But again. We were tourists. In the car. Not even able to exchange looks with others. It was nice though. Apart from my 'stranger' subtle feeling of being this rich couple, in a rich car, perfumed and hiding their face and connection behing this Hollywood sunglasses, I was excited. Hinted to the little buildings that I will come again and visit dearly because I am interested as a human. Not as a tourist. I am not a tourist and for God's sake I am not rich or fancy. This is not me. I can be, but I do not like it to be the real part of my life.

Off from the local areas to the ugly snobbish Starbucks for coffee. We took it out and chose a spot on the sea. The guys were painting the lamppost with black. The purpose was decorating the place, right? I am sure this is the purpose and objective. However, I learnt that objectives are not merely done so simply. There had to be a 'tax' that you pay. This time the tax was a huge splashing of black paint all around the lamppost on the fancy ceramic floors. So the lamp is painted in the ugly cheap paint, which is ok for the sake of the purpose and good intent, surrounded with a circle of black paint. I guess this will make a melange between the lamp and the floor. What melange! Melange of ugliness.

Anyways, I joked about it. Just a bit. Not even intending to concentrate on that. Who cares. I dont. I care about the beautiful sea. The energetic sea. The exploding waves. White and blue. Waves going back and forth. Meeting the new ones. Hitting the old ones. Meeting and hugging and greeting one another in a water raise and cheers. The company was good and peaceful. We sat not talking which is good. I do not feel like talking when the scene is overwhelming and filling. What were we going to say? Scenes is good? We know that already.

For me the scene was beautiful and the energy from my companion was great too. Peaceful. Sipping coffee. Following a little wood floating and struggling to reach somewhere that we dont know. Sharing the coffee. Sharing the food. Silently. Silently. Silently. Lovingly too. It was great. Felt so relaxed. Heaven! In the streets? beside a black lamppost and black stain? YES! Maybe heaven is not so perfect after all!

Next day, our 'negma' was not so aligned. My 'negma' is adjusted at 5 am where I will rise with the sun and go for a walk by the sea. Have breakfast in the Gare de Ramleh and walk walk walk endlessly. Well, the others negma was 9 am. I was sitting restless. Up and down. In and out. Taking pictures. Walking by the sea. Checking the phone. I can not just sleep like that. Not me. The scene is beautiful. How can one sleep knowing what is being missed. This beauty all around. Simple beauty. Not a fake one that is made to enjoy, but a real one that for everyone to enjoy. In all ways. The simplist the better. No need for a yacht or a 5 stars hotel, or a marina to enjoy. Just a simple walk. A walk in your PJ will have you enjoy as a walk in an armani suite. A walk next to a sailor, sneak to his conversation will just fill your heart with love to God and to the world. Watching a fisherman, the fish, tactics, everything everything everything allow you to be happy.

Finally! 9 am. We had breakfast at Delicious. Then off to the tower of Pompee. I heard of it but never been there. We did not know where it was. But he guessed. I had no clue actually. We manuvered here and there until we found it. As his practical nature, wanted to just see it from outside and off we go. Oh no no baby. Not everytime. I want to park. Go inside. Take a picture or two. Wont mind asking the officer nicely to let us in as a favour. I am not an outsider. Not this time.

We entered. No favours. Just I had to mumble some arabic to know I am not a foreigner. I wondered why I am mistaken for that! Because of the scarf I guess!!

The tower was amazing. Huge granite pillar. Not to be compared with the oblisque, but still cool. We toured around. Went downstairs to what was once the library. Amazing. Amazing. Never seen something like that. Squares following squares following squares as if you are entering into a 3D game. The wall smells old and oceanic. Submerged by water at some stage.

What's next. Al-Shou'afa catcomb. Never heard of it other than in the Raya and Sekena play. We walked to it. 5 minutes. The street is under renovation. Buildings painted in earth colours: orange, yellow and brown. Really great. Sounds like it is going to be a touristic area. Impressive

We entered the catacomb. Burrial areas. Well done. Was interesting to walk around. Listen to the woman guide. Up and down. Listen. Tour and smile. It is like ancient egypt style but much much simple. Not so sophisticated. Full of errors that you can detect. Imitations of our beloved pharos. Human. And this is good. Not at all intimidating as the ancient egyptian leftovers. And this in itself is a beauty. Again, I guess, perfection is not always good.

We finished. Looked to one another. Had this tingling feeling of achieving something and enjoying it to the bones while doing it. Unforgettable tour. Simple and loving!

Off to Costa. Another cup of coffee. And siped it by the sea at Bahari.


Blogger Breathe said...

wow, just stumbled on this blog today and...wow!

I absolutely love the emotions between the words. You have great feeling Haal.

Keep up the good work, I noticed the blog hasn't been updated for a couple of months - I hope this did not die out.


7/07/2007 05:20:00 am  

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