30 Apr 2007


So i came to know by chance that he is driving to al-gouna this tuesday or monday. I dont know. Spending the next 4 days there. I was pissed. I am not sure why angry other than it just hit anohter nerve and another confusion in me. I have been telling you to go to alex, and you refused because it is a lot of planning. Now suddenly you tell me going to gouna. and when did you decide that, in the car when you were going to this jameela thing. how fun your relation had become. you now take fast decisions together and are so flexible. you are a great couple it seems. so in synch that when you decide to go somewhere on the run, you just do that. not only does this bothered me, but also that you were driving there. this was one thing we wanted to do together. now you are just giving away and preserving nothing to me. very practical. very annoying.


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