14 Apr 2007


'Love is all about being alone?' I read that in a book while skimming a fancy looking booking at Diwan. Well, it might be! He said it is like the 'salt' and 'pepper' items. huh! not sure what he meant now, although I liked it when I read. I forgot the argument. Age I guess! Or maybe not really getting it. Or maybe not even interested. Just bored of these attempts to define what is or what is not love. Enough. Love is love. You be what you are or even are not and get done with it. It is not so complicated after all. It is just part of many things, not particularly a stand alone solution of some fancy sort. You love, then, excuse me, there must be a reason. And better be a good one. And if not one, which is the case always, there are tons of reasons to love someone. It is not a PPPPOOOOH FOOO feeling that just hit you in the ass, i mean face. Well I really mean ass! You better know why you love this one. Not 'love' but attracted and feeling you can 'endure' another creature in your entourage.


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