24 Nov 2006

....'s DREAM

The book was there. First thing I get to notice, sure among other things. But was it a sign. Osman's dream? Well, who is Osman? An arrogant, selfish and image orietned empire that claimed majesty and purity, stole lienage and heritage and ended up leaving us in ruins. What started as only a dream runied people's lives. Dreams are dangerous. Dangerous to those who just follow other's dreams and get so indulged in it that they after a while adopt them as theirs and die for it. Or even live in it. Tricky! Some people just can convince you and you go along. Not only convince you of their dreams, but mock yours and make you hate it and be ashamed of it. This 'dreamwashing' act. It is funny!

Time to wake up from Osman's dream.


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