14 Nov 2006


You gallop. Gallop as far and as wild as you can. Gallop with your dreams and supplications. Gallop for signs and dreams to come true. Gallop to the sky, racing your prayers to be helped by the sole creator of this universe. Gallop and then you find yourself in this space. Suddenly all the galloping and the scenes racing with it finally cascades. One after the other. All answered. Signs granted. Figuers found. Prayers answered. Dreams visualized and realised. Feelings surfaced. Hands and hearts uniting. You stop your horses. Convince your dream to now hop on to your horse and join you in a ride. You unfold your cascaded dreams and hopes and, not totally surprised, you find that it matched. So now what? You gallop together. Fast and fast. To places and valleys. Curves and mountains. Forests and caves. Forever hidden. Forever protected. Forever closed. You open one after the other.

After all is said and done, it is always time to go back to downtown. Where no horses are needed. Internal galloping. Horses hurdling on the scattered stones laid carelessly and selfishly everywhere. One hit after the other. Your get wounds. Here and there. You become aware of choices. Weighting things. Scale. Different factors pop up to be evaluated. A passerby, that did not exist in your wild, free galloping start taking first seat. Occupy your space and take over your horse. Schakle your horse. Invite more and more people to watch your horse put to death. You share by being silent. You share by just watching. Share your horse been taken away. You are ok with it. Detached. You think your horse occupies too much space. Right! Is a horse after all. Allow a space for only 1 person. You need more. You decide. To give away the horse. BUT

But you tie it. Tie it to an old portion of your mind. Of your image. Of your ego. You want the best of the two worlds. The horse and the other figures,and certainly your image. You just elongated the leash. Bit by bit you expand the leash to your horse. Just enjoy the secure feeling of holding unto the leash. Until it will be easy for you to open your hands, turn your face and let go of this horse. Make it easy for yourself. What about the horse!

Screw the horse. Wild enough it will survive. Raised in the dirt and wild. It will survive. I will be happy enough just watching the horse. Secure enough to be with the side images of my dreams. Who needs a horse. Everyone needs a hero. And I am a hero. I am everyones' prayer.... and dream....


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