14 Nov 2006


Not a big fan of it. Not a big fan on technology in general. Prefer my old, broken half working cellular. What's wrong with that.

I do not like BB. I think it is an ego phone. Plus it is annoying. Beeping and weeping and wining all the time. Message. Phone. MSN. Email. And what not. Pure distrubance of the soul. It gets me annoyed. Can a phone and how you deal with it tells you something about its owner. Well, sure. Like anyother thing it does say. Sure say something.

Taaan... BOOOO... Taraaa... All the time. Annoying to the max. Addictive to checking and be updated. Arising to the hidden urge to be controlling. To be in full control. Nothing by-passes you anytime or anywhere. No matter where you are, you will respond and have your input and say. Complete virtual presence. Like the theatre spectator. Siting in the dark. Watching everything. Actors and play. COmmenting. Laughing and crying. Applauding for a scene well acted. Does the players see you. No. They know you are there to get and watch all their moves and whispers. Yet they dont know when or where it will come from.

I am a control freak. Maybe. But only during intervals. Do not like to be a freak about work when I leave office. Do not want to carry my work personality outside. Do not want to feel too important and things are in total need for me to follow-up. I believe, unconsciously, something will get inflated. My urge to control and be knowing of everything, even if I am/have been doing an effort to hide it, will now surface.


Blogger Al Sharief said...

hey haal

"Pure distrubance of the soul" ?? is a little too harsh, some
"virtual presence" could actually mend to the soul like this BB...

11/16/2006 09:17:00 pm  

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