13 Sep 2006


I want to write my way home. Inside. Sheltered. Protected. Cuddled. Hugged. Secure and safe. I do not want anything but settle in. Deepen my roots and my belonging. To the soil. To the land. Inside the earth hugs. Inbetween the sand and pepples. Occupy every small tiny space. Expand my roots. Deep and deeper. Wide and wider. Feel the sand's embrace. Warmth. Feel I am fully surrounded. Sinking in. Safe to let me roots relax. Safe to let my roots nourish from the soil. Nourish but not grab. Nourish because I am trusting that the soil will last. I am not running aganist time. Not running. Just stable and free.


Blogger salateenoo said...

you know how express your feelings.. this is a gift

9/17/2006 10:27:00 am  

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