17 Aug 2006


Going out of Cilantro Koraba, I saw the title: Laiterie Khalifa. There stands an old dairy, milk shop in the midst of all modernized shops, and windows. Laiterie Khalifa. I stood outside. My back to the fashionable, modern yellow and lime green coffee shop, and my face towards the old milk shop, with its forever staying half french, halk egyptian name. I wondered for couple of seconds. I halted. Not sure why I did. But I just stopped and gazed. No particular feeling or line of thoughs running in my head. Just could be that I was feeling the different worlds that I stood inbetween. Not in the exact middle, but more inclined and close to the modern one. I just stood. Kept repeating the name. It was basically the first time I saw this shop in my whole life, yet, have heard of it before almost 15 years ago. I am not sure what I tried to do, but I just was in a fast pace to find out what I want. I simply at the end of the gaze, just admired the name and how its written. Tried to imagine how the whole district of new cairo looked like back then. I visualized the old pharamacy just next to Bakery, and the Kherestoo shop only one block beside, the flower shop, bakery, and the post-office. I thought there was a tram or metro that sweeps across that area. But how could that be. ....



Blogger ألِف said...

Heliopoils again and again.
Always nostalgic.

I thought there was a tram or metro that sweeps across that area.
You're right, in the original plan the metro went through Baghdad Street; if that's what you meant. I know that because my Grandma told me storied.

8/18/2006 02:44:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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