20 Aug 2006


It is tough place to be in. Very challenging. Attitude. Climate. People. Cars. Building. Culture. Energy. Space. Norms. Conscious feeling. Unconscious feeling.

Climate. Weather makes you lose your temper pretty fast. Humid. Hot. Polluted. I can not take the humidity. Heat is fine with me. But I am pretty annoyed by the humid feel. On my face. Hand. Forehead. Kills me. I wake-up and I can feel the heat once out of my room. Back to the cool weather once in to my room. Back and forth. I think my system gets confused. What to do? I personally get confused starting to what I should put on. I am hot but cool now. Office is super cold but outside is super hot. What to wear? I do not know. As if I live in Egypt and my office is in Swiss. Sometimes, AC decides to stop and now you end up wearing long sleeves and AC not working, so you are basically soaking.

People. Most things are not professional in dealing with them at work. If you take a professional path, you will hear your name whispered at corridor's corners. People will think you are just too snobbish or coming to challenge you. On some level, you are under the spot for sometimes waiting for you to do a mistake, which you do for sure. What you will hear is top people mocking you just to get back at you for some reason that you don't really know. This is not the greatest thing you can experience.



Anonymous Sherry said...

Actually Egypt is not that Humid! In Geography classes we used to learn that Egypt has a dry weather and I do think that this is true... Talking about Humidity then I think you should never visit the Gulf area, Humidity there makes you wish you had gills (like a fish) or you can try to walk around with an Oxygen tube tapped to your body.

10/03/2006 02:20:00 pm  

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