21 Jun 2006


My attitude to Cilantro is now totally different. After a long time of unconsciously boycotting Cilantro, I am back again. Still unconsciously. I start going there again. Now that I have upgraded my laptop and can connect wireless and hi-fi and all these hight technology, I am like one of these who enter Cilantro, open their laptop, skim the audience, check others laptops, open to CNN and find the little msn popps up, burry their faces in the screen chatting and browsing, rarely working. Anyways, I became one of those. I enter, not smiling anymore, not there to observe and enjoy myself over a coffee, stare aimless at the glass infront of me, overhear conversations, but basically to work. Believe it or not. Haal, believe it you too or not. I actually go there to work. Why? Because simply I couldn't work at work. It is so distracting. Being this manager gal, I get interrupted a lot and people pops in for questions and silly requests. So Cilantro becomes now my working destination. I go work on my plans and documents, assign tasks and then go to the office for basically wasting my time. Not that bad, but I hardly can get things done.

16 Jun 2006


I am like a volcano in a ancient coffee island. We so describe our relation.