4 Apr 2006



It was just last night that I was opening and checking the SSCH and the institute site. For some reason, I just wanted to check what was happening on the other side of the world, and with the Sufis...etc. Sounds to me like such a long long time. Something very remote. Everything changes. And people who were separate, joined forces, people who were together separated. Very funny. The world is moving into a more and more clusters of similar people, bonded by similar interests and similiarities. I wonder what gathered all these apparently different people together. What are they trying to really build? I read the language, and the words they use, and I feel as if it is coming from a distance. Very foreign to my ears these words had become. I sank down in my chair and recalled these past moments, and I cant help but smile. We are brainwash ourselves. Not something negative, but when you are very longing to something, and you hear different language and vocabulary that makes you hopeful, you just follow. I am speaking generally. I really reached a conclusion that all paths lead to somewhere. Choosing the path and the group really depends on who you are, what you want, where you are at this or that stage of your life. Not sure if there is a right path, as much as there should be a right attitude and clarity with the self. If that's there, then any path will lead..... But it is so confusing, because the story of our life is that deep down we dont want anyone to move our cheese. We always want our old, rotten cheese. Will built factories, kill people, humiliate ourselves, humiliate others, to keep this cheese and protect it.