12 Feb 2005

What's up with outlandish words...

I was watching a TV show intereviewing a mediocre actor regarding his new role in a movie. He shrugged his shoulders, licked his lips and said with a pompous attitude, 'Begad, begad, begad gedan my role in this movie is a SURPRISE... a real SUPRISE ....!' Triggered by his attitude, and his twaddle phrase, an archetype of these days, I could not help but ask myself what the heck is begad begad gedan phrase? Does this mean that our statements, words and opinions are not serious, hocus-pocus, and that statment of his is a nouvel way to confirm that this is different from the usual, 'hey people, this is serious, better listen up.' Or maybe it is another way to give an add value to shoddy things; convience ourselves and others of our alluring achievements, when in essence they are just mediocre ones. I just simply think that using high pitched words to describe flat toned actions will redefine our sense for words and alter our original definitions. By time, words like astounding, exceptional, ingenious will reflect dull, and flippant achievements. Is this a sign of anything? But hey,....In the beginning was the word ... Jesus is the word of God... we are God's vicegerent! Ah really, I forgot.


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