7 Feb 2005

unsmoked cigarettes

Well, I had an absolutely nice time last night. I went out with my two good friends. We went to restaurant in Mohandessen, a cafe. It was great. Our choice of this cafe was based on the fact that it is a sombre, with little light. We did not want to be seen, starred at while laughing so loudly, smoking cigarettes and complaining about our lives, talking about the most intimate details of our lives. We were mistaken!

The moment we entered the cafe, we burst into laughter. The place was silent for 5 seconds starring at the new comers to the place trying to figure out what kind of chicks they were. Very quickly they realized that we were old enough, probably married and too old to be harrassed. We looked to each other, and laughed.

There was no tables to sit so we decided to sit on the bar until later notice. Once settled, my friend opened her bag and got out her 'Kent'.... I snatched it and the moment I was about to light it from the candle infront of me, a heard a voice. I turned and found my fiance's cousin on my shoulder! 'AH...Hi... What's up' and went into a silly social conversation. I could hear my friends giggling next to me and laughing at the coincidence. I prayed he did not see me with the Kent in my hand! How ridiculous. Why? I don't know. I am old enough to smoke, dude. Right!

We moved to a corner table and the three of us started smoking and pretend like we were heavy smokers. It was fun. We looked definetly weird. I could not light the cigarette while holding it into my mouth as the smoke burnt my eyes. My other friend, thought she saw someone who knew her husband and was afraid he would see her, so we had to blow the smoke in her face to compensate her not smoking. We cracked!

It was past midnight...wow, that late! yep. One of my friends did not want to go home until her husband would call her because simply he usually does not care even if she sleeps outside. The other wondered why her husband did not call till now and thus called him to check if he was not mad or angry. Of course he was! I did not care, I had a rough day with my fiance that morning we fought over the same idea of him wanting to go work in Dubai and my silent refusal. I was sure he won't call on that day to see what's up. So I guess, I was in the safe side!


Blogger Mohamed said...

Yeah, old enough to smoke, and honest enough not to hide it from your fiance.

2/07/2005 07:17:00 pm  
Blogger haal said...

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2/07/2005 08:59:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4/23/2005 01:02:00 am  

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