9 Feb 2005

Sharing, no sharing

Had a nice outing chez my friend. We were 3 couples, very hilarious I guess. We, well they, talked frankly about marriage problems, and my friend 'A' and her husband 'A' cracked us up about the funniest things happening between them. Funny to us, but to them very painful at its time. Well, I guess this is life, the very painful moments are very hilarious at other moments. They all shared, but can I share, hell no. Not a word! I was scared that 'Z' would misunderstand it as trying to pressure him, plus I am not into sharing when their is tension in the air. I zipped my mouth shut and just drowned myself in my friends sharing. Of course they know what's up, I shared before, actually no one really cares if I shared or not, it was just sharing for the laughs and not to solve anything. But I think, if we are ok about sharing our stuff then we are not taking anything personal, and we are open to mistakes and open minded in general. This is my take. So is the problem more than just this conflict regarding work and leaving, I think so! Level of comfort, maybe, pliancy,.... will be back after I take this call.


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