10 Feb 2005

Same gang

Did three completely different things today. 1)I was so calm at work today albeit the Suckeness of the day as everything refused to work 2) swinged by AUC and watched a 4 hours intereview of Edward Sa'id. I love this guy, and I cried once or twice during the movie. I kept looking to his eyes, very energetic, I love passionate people. There is something about this Edward that moves me, and I feel very connected to him. Partly because I walk by his house in Zamalek a lot, and partly because his sense of not belonging reminds me of myself, his connection to his mother, his rough time with his father, his internal dilemma and contradiction ... lots of things, maybe worth exploring some time. So seeing him for 4 hours talking gave me this tingling energy that I love. 3)I went out with the same gang of last week. This time we went to Labodiga, and been joined by a fourth friend. We had a fun time. They kicked us out of the dinning area to the bar. In the midst of the bar, AUC graduation party we started talking about religion, proximity to God and the reflections that flows from that on ourselves and our family. This newcomer, the wife of my friend's husband's cousin, opened a nice space for the three of us through her passionate, merciful, deep yet simple way of talking about life, self, religion, and family and connecting all that to God in a nice way. Very interesting. Worth talking about that too.


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