23 Feb 2005

Here comes the pompous Spring

Today is absolutely hectic. I have some tasks to accomplish both at work and at home. I feel my knees trembling from both excitement and being nervous. I just need not to be perfect I guess in the decision I am about to make, and enjoy my procrastination.

Anyways, there is something sad today in the air. I am not sure what. In fact, this week's weather has this sadness in it. I am inclined more to staying alone. Last night, I was up reading a book until 3 am. My side lamp was not working, so I decided to read on the candle light. I did. It was nice.

I start to wonder why I feel depressed with the coming of spring. I kinda don't like spring. Very lame. There is something about it that makes me feel agitated. Could be because everyone just likes spring and bla bla about its nice weather and flowers, .... Spring, oh Spring, I love spring, and sings for it. I don't know. Well, I definetly love Autumn and Winter more.


Blogger Mohamed said...

Today is a perfect winter day, eh. Lots of rain, but just a little warm I guess. Enjoy.

2/23/2005 04:46:00 pm  

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