17 Feb 2005


Yesterday was one of these days where I prowled in my little corner. I know something was not right with me. I started off making some sacrastic comments, entering in a mini-clash here and there under the cover of joking around. Of course, I was by no means jokking. I meant every nasty comment I made.

Well, I should have known by now that starting off with this attitude would no doubt end up in a major clash. Oh really, get out! This exactly what I was looking for. A serious, begad begad gedan, clash. I ended up pissing S, having her spit-out that I am really annoying and she is too kind to deal with my crap. GEEE, that was a relief! Apart from her using the word 'sacrifying', not sure why though, what she said was exactly what I wanted to hear. After that, I went out with O to eat Sushi. We were the only ones in this Sushi place. Although the place smelled bad, and one of my Jo-Sushi was a little bluish in colour, I did not complain or call the waiter. Nada. I slammed my mouth shut and talked with my friend, who I came to realize that we are similar in many ways. That is good.

Later, O had to go home. She offered me a lift but I had already decided to just walk alone in Zamalek. I am not sure why I love these old areas. When I watch old movies, it is very easy for me to identify the buildings and its location. Memorize every single street in Zamalek and Garden City.... I know why.


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