12 Feb 2005


The weather friday was absloutely beautiful. I went to Andrea with 'Z' and other friends. I was relaxed and the ambiance was too. Although it was crowded, but it felt like everyone wanted to just relax and enjoy the dynamic hive, the BBQ smell, and to hive off to his private island, I did at least. It was not exactly an island, but more like starring in the nowhere, just wanting to go back to my old habbit of watching annonymous people gestures, smiling, pretending, eating, ..etc. It is my favourite part of the show.

You will be surprised but you can get to notice the insider of people, things we don't usually notice in the midst of our hasty life. 'Hi... what's up? Tamam, yep kolloh tamam, eih akhbarak...' Stupid words, I want to stop doing that. I sometimes over do it when I want to avoid a certain kind of question, or maybe because I hate it when someone asks me how I am doing or what's up, or what is new? I don't know what is up, and I don't have any new things to share, and if I have I don't want to tell you because either I don't feel like telling you, or I know you don't really want to know but just want to have more news to tell other people when they ask you What's new!! It is a silly thing. Of course, I can just babble when I feel uncomfortable, and I hate myself after that.

Anyways, i had a splendid time, 'Z' was nice today. we chose to ignore our usual nuisance. Maybe we are mature now, but it is sure nicer when things are slow, although I like a little bit of action.


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