30 Aug 2013


Not sure how to not remember you. Or how to actually remember you.

Last time I called I felt sad. Stayed a while after we hung up. I still remember it. You thanked me for calling you. You said that you missed me. And I missed you back then. The next time I called you you never answered me. And I think you will never do.

I remember you with all the memories that I shared with you. Not sure if you would ever knew how I felt. How I cherished those moments we spent together. The little ones. All there. Locked within me. Shared it with myself. Replayed it over and over.

Wish you knew how I never forgot you. How engraved is our little time within me. How little they were. How deep they remained.

You were a good man. And I so loved you.

3 Aug 2013

Switching TV

He keeps switching the TV channel all the time. Toggles between the different programs once a break happens. Annoying. I get distracted. Lose concentration. Lose focus. Distracting. No matter how many times I tell him how annoyed I get, he makes fun of me. Hand me thd remote. Take me on a guilt trip. Of lack of assertiveness to pushing what I want when together. Play on all that and put a pinch of intimidation.

I'd probably next time just go to the other room and watch alone. Safer. Becoming the new trend.

Too bad.