15 Jan 2010


I bought a car freshner from 'on the run'. It is vanilla. Intersting. I am not sure why I bought it, but I did. In fact, I am excited about it. I keep spraying it until today I was coughing from the dense smell. I prefer the lemon-ish one much more. I prefer the car to smell like me, naturally, my smell without having to impose a smell or another. Not sure why I bought the freshner.

Well, it is part of the mental state I am in. Cleaning. Cleansing. Reshuffling. Embracing the many changes that will carry me somewhere.

So, Vanilla.... Let it be.

I ate the best ice-cream today at Cilantro. 'Mr. Cream', he said. Well, it was good. I got Choclate and strawberry. Worth trying.