25 Apr 2009


started up nicely with a dream and a spirit to fly over and reach the destination safely. neither of us would have ever thought that it would turn to a nightmare. a threat to end the whole purpose of the dhl. to have second thoughts about the usefulness of this service that not everyone can afford. tons live without this service. pay less and reach there slower and safer. why on earth did i trust it. not only that, but refused to send anything that way except with the dhl. now after miles of walking and communication to what seemed a smooth transaction, it all showed. well, it was not the first time. but it did happen before. out of denial from my side and the other side, we continue to buy-in.

but what is the use of dhl if it cant make you feel safe? i guess just depletion. of time. of chances. of hope. of hope that the documents will ever arrive. that being alone is a bless!


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