21 Sep 2008


It is beyond the world of 0's and 1's. So they told us. Promised an out of this world connection when the 21 was given and the essential 1 was trusted.

Sometimes when the channel is opened. The longing is present. The truth is apparent. The whole world is presented. And you have to trust what you see and feel. It is an ability. To reach you wherever you are. When the need calls for. Just expand it. Forget the blame and go beyond the seen. Reach for the code that once served as a sign. You find it all. Is this a sign? Maybe. But we do not have to interpret it more than it can endure.

I smile. And maybe wonder in awe from the ability. Diminish it to my mental ability. Mind. But deep down. In the corner of the map. The legend says: it is the heart that masters all this game.

But I once again ignore. And attribute it to the sight tracing the 21.

and not the 1?

The 1 is not to be traced. You only trace what is away. You only trace what is outside.

But I also for sure learnt to let all that go. And move on and away. Away from all the 22. They took what they took; contain what they contain. But I know they are all not for me. I no more wish for a space there. Not anymore. I swear.

I know the 23 will be better that away. Away and alone. And Iwill keep it that way.



Blogger Vile said...

Nothing lasts forever

9/21/2008 07:44:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a figment of stupidity to always come back longing to any virtual shore when you know that you took the right decision; realize that you are incapable of including anyone any more.

Painful? Practical? Yes. Life choices is not only about life.

9/21/2008 09:03:00 pm  

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