20 Apr 2008


Today I took a final look at them before I removed them permanantely from my computer. It was a decision. Maybe now they are considered illegitemate. What you woke up to revisit at 5 am, is maybe now an act of the devil after the cleansing!

Prayers are not lost. Right. But there are many counter ones, that is the problem. From various sources. All more pure and closer than me. I won't compare with them. They are all good citizens and great friends to God. I won't compete there. And I do not want to. I know they will be answered just because they have been good, and desperate and suppositely needing that! so I let them take it. And I am gracious as usual. A friend of mine used to tell me, 'watch out from what you pray for....'. Right Pam. Our prayers bring us pain and suffering.

Now there remained no alternative path to make everyone happy. Including myself of course. Yes A. I will join you!


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