8 Mar 2008


Is it that hard to find a quiet place that you can sit in and enjoy some peace time away from the overly loud space we are surrounded by. In a day like that when I am super irritated, the weather is dusty, hot and over crowded. You can never help but notice the uglyness everywhere, the loudness, the people's poking and piercing eyes, the loudness everywhere. All I wanted was to go out and just sit. In silence. In solitude. In anything, but to be able to enjoy 5 minutes of peace.

It is not the matter of if you have peace inside it will prevail! No. We are human and human get irritated, and when they can not find a place to contain them and embrace, they just can more and more escape!

Apart from all I am saying and feeling, I am still not diverting from my intention I more and more find it to be a resort to an elevated presence.


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