17 Feb 2008


'...and We have seen your face wandering in despair looking to the sky, We will guide you to a direction in which your heart shall find rest.'

Now, I hear the verse again. And I smile. All i feel is that I am grateful to God. Not for passing me a chance or two or allowing an opener here and there. This He does to everyone.

I am grateful for simply choosing to make me the way I am, strong and willed yet realising; for trusting to teach me to turn my face up and down, to the sky and deep into the dirt yet know how to unfold it all in and see clearly; for allowing me to feel squeezed, trapped and inrage yet insist to naturally show His most precious gift: my smile.


Anonymous cecilia said...

Very touching and beautifully written!

2/23/2008 06:57:00 am  

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