23 Jan 2008


So the reason for all the stupidity that I felt while doing the ROI was because my damn pants zipper was opened!!!! Yes. It was freezing at this time in the morning, so I went to the bathroom. A stupid guy tried to open the door while I am in, so I had to speedup and probably didnot close my zipper because I was disturbed, had to put my coat on and the scarf. So probably didnot take my time closing it.

While discussing his damn ROI, I took my coat and long scarf that was covering till my pants. I never do that, take the scarf off that is, however left my small cross bag on! DA DA DA... but anyways, it comes out handy to cover up.

Anyways, so while he was talking, I was sitting infront of him around a glass table. What a bad luck. I have been there twice before and we ususally sit in the meeting room. Today, we sat in the office and the office had to have this glass table.

So, he was talking and telling me his story, and I am sitting so comfortably. Happy with my nice outfit, when I happen to notice that GOD DAMN IT, my zipper was so freeken opened. So fully opened. SHIT SHIT SHIT. My face turned red.

I was so disturbed. My mind flying in so many different directions. Did he notice? What did he see exactly? And more and more.... I start to interrupt all his actions and looks to see whether he noticed it and he is trying to divert his eyes away from it. I looked at his zipper, but he was having a paper on his side, so it was not showing his pants. Unluckly, I had the table so clear at my side that he can see so clearly.

I dont know if he noticed or not. But I put my bag over it and wanted to shut it closed! But I couldnt. The zipper was opened till the last tick! IT would be so obvious that he will see me closing it.

Well, time for the damn ROI. I could not concentrate for a gif. I was so distracted. I appeared so like an idiot. I couldnot calculate. Could not think. Was so appearing like a big damn fool with an opened zipper!!! And it is not that I tried to be nice or let it pass, I had this sarcastic look on my face and appeared so UNINTERESTED.

I calculated the ROI to have the guy spend 600K to get an income of 95K. Damn. SO I said there must be something wrong. Bugger, I calculated the equipments to be part of the expenses when it is a one time thing!!! How can someone be that stupid!

Anyways... it was one of those embarrassing things that happen to me. It left me so annoyed. What a bad luck! SOmetimes things do not work the way you want. AT ALL.

So, I have nothing to do but pray that the guy wont report me as an idiot. But had he known that my zipper was opened..... I hope he didnot see it open though. I prefer to be stupid than someone seeing my underwear.

I went home. Imitated how I was sitting. There will be no way on earth that he will see anything. I had a white shirt and a grey vest tucked in that it was buffering between the pants and the underwear. So if he had noticed anything, it would be that the zipper was opened but nothign else. WEll, still..

Now I remember my Korean friend who had his zipper opened while talking to me, and I just couldnt forget about it until now!

We are really fragile! I mean, our zippers are so fragile. I want to blame it all on the god damn ass who tried to open the bathroom door on me that got me to get confused! Whoever you are, you are such a bastard.


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