23 Jan 2008


So, what is the problem?

DA DA, who cares!!! It is not the end. Things dont have to work out well all the time.

Ok, but I was totally not myself.

Well, dont take yourself so seriously. Laugh it out. What! You appeared stupid? What's wrong with that. You are actually, and because you are a definit stupid you must laugh it off. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

What! The whole world is reduced to that stupid incedent. What? Are you 12?

Resolution: Be optimistic regardless. Who knows maybe it will work out well and wont be as bad as you thought. Laugh at it.

Who really can tell! Certainly not you.

Now what: Relax positively and whenever you remember, just think of Green.

Go Go.

Remember, keep a positive attitude. Please.


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