13 Nov 2007


Never thought I would go there. Ever.

When my friend at DC was saying he would be working there after his PhD, I said to myself, Oh yea right! They will never take us. US? Us meaning these egyptians? Or us meaning these egyptians still? Or us meaning what?? I really dont know why I had a snarl and a sour taste in my throat!

Well, when my other friend from Ecaudor told me she wanted to work there. I had the same feeling. This time I said maybe as a nun, and had an inward smile. Gave her the 'good good gesture' while wondering what the hell is this world bank that everyone is into these days. I am not into this kind of thoughts!

Maria, was her name, so catholic to an annoying extent that now when I think about it, she tried to convert me at one point. Me being this naiive, open-minded, peace lover, religion-accepting girl, I encouraged people to come open up to me. Well, let me rephrase in case 'Chris' is reading. I pretend so that I get to know what you are thinking and then put the whole forest on fire. Sneak a peak into your thoughts and then play! OK Chris! WEll, I did go to Mass with her and pretended,pretended that I enjoyed it when I was just excited about getting my new VW car donated to me by my german friend. This was why I went to mass on that day. For christ sake it was not even Sunday, i very much remember it was wednesday. And guess what, I wanted to go to Boyton get the all you can eat buffalo wings on Institute road. But Maria was nice actually. Not sure if she was my best friend, but she traced me like crazy. Well, she cooked really good food. Maybe that was why I liked her. she was like a mother on some level. And I managed to get her to show the wild side and smile! What interested me in her was this 'holy mother' figure she always portrayed. Proper. Too proper that got me thinking. Well, no one is proper!

Anyways, back to World bank. Well, neither of them got into the world bank for some reason. I never asked as my ususal, and they never told me what happened. My friend is a professor at AUC and Maria, Jesus only knows where is she now. I like Maria actually! I am sure she is busy doing something. As for my other professor friend, he is working himself to death and involved in all these committes. He is a hard worker, jesuitian, and above all, very smart and neat and amazingly organized. And below all, very talkative! But sweet!

So, back to me, I miraclously got to the WB. TOtally unplanned for. A nice professor nominated me and I got accepted. I guess I have a way to impress them at interviews. I use my charm: Smile and Innocent look! But I show them that I am actually aggressive and stubborn.

Advantage: Project based in ME. Main office in DC. Get to work with, thank GOD and not jesus, non-egyptian. Travel between US and Egypt. 6 months project!
Disadvantage: Endless meetings.


Blogger Nag said...

did you make up your mind?

11/14/2007 03:17:00 pm  
Blogger haal said...

about what? why are you so interested in my mind, and what i make up in it! seriously.

11/15/2007 08:33:00 am  

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