22 Jul 2007


Elegance is an attitude. Nothing to do with being rich or poor. High or middle or not so middle class. Beautiful or not. It is an attitude. Way of life. You can be rich, but your way of life denotes cheapness. You can be full, but your way of eating reflects a gluttony spirit and appetite. And on you go. Elegance is not something that you learn or be taught. It is either there or not. Just Elegance. Whatever this word means. Very subjective. Indeed.

Observing. Watching. Checking. Small hints. Subtle one. Obvious. Hidden. I find myself, judgemental and bad bad bad as I can get, I made a twisted judgement that people I see around and interact with are not elegant. To my taste for sure, if that matters to them! They do things with an attitude that I call 'gluttony'. An expression I have been using recently.

Gluttony when they order food. When they go shopping. When they go to the four seasons to eat the best grilled salmon and tuna fish. While eating sushi. While drinking the most expensive wine. ENjoying the best scene in the world. They do it in a 'gluttony' way. BAAAA style. Do it and they dont enjoy it. Do it for the wrong reason. To show off. To prove they were there. To talk about it. Just eat eat. Fast fast. Quick quick. Seen it, OK OK lets go. Move it. We have other things to do, eat, see, take picture of. But for sure not 'other things to enjoy'.



Blogger Alina said...

You are right, elegance has nothing with the amount of money you spend. It has to do with what you spend it on. And I am quite familiar with the type of people you describe. Doing everything to show off and because it is trendy, regardless of their likes and dislikes...

7/23/2007 05:22:00 pm  
Blogger Howa Wa Heya said...

I agree with every single word
nice blog by the way. I just accidentally found it. I guess I am lucky
remember elegance is different that pride. Some people are very elegant but still very humble

7/25/2007 08:19:00 am  

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