9 Mar 2006


Salma... who is Salma? Well, she didn't come yet. But she will be arriving on the 9th of April. Wow!

You are pregnant still, however, you:
Already knew she is a girl,
Already gave her a name,
And definetly knew her birthday.

I couldn't help but feel a little sarcastic. Not from R., who seems from the first while like a sweet lady, but from our nature. Our pre-deterministic nature. Our deep need to control what we don't have or see. Invent tools, and seek guidance just to know the future.

I admit, I wont like to know the gender of my baby. I won't give it a name. I won't seek to know the exact date of his birth. I will leave it all to be a surprise. A gift, from the Giver. Change in it as He likes. Name it as He likes. Shape its destiny as He likes. Bless it whichever way He chooses.


Blogger Eman M said...

Her name starts with R
Does it end with a?

3/10/2006 01:41:00 am  
Blogger Rain said...

For me it's curiousty basically not controlling :)

3/10/2006 02:34:00 am  
Blogger Jane said...

I was too impatient to wait to learn the gender of my kids. However, neither one had a name until they were three days old. That was such a difficult thing, to name another human. It was very odd to give someone a name.

3/10/2006 03:56:00 am  
Blogger haal said...

eman: Well. UMM...I guess we are talking about the same person. Shoot! :) Please no further revealing! How small this life is.

Rain, Jane: I dont know gals. But it is interesting how curious as humans we are; how controlling (excuse me Rain) on some level!!

3/10/2006 03:52:00 pm  
Blogger Alina said...

Well, I would definitely like to know the gender...Because I simply cannot waste so much time making it all Unisex in the baby's room...Although maybe that will be the correct way to bring up children, especially if we think of the Baby X story...

3/15/2006 11:53:00 am  

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