19 Feb 2006


We are indeed on one.

Short wave.


Responsive to any noise and any outside factors.

No sense of a self sustainable mode.

Too inferior to have our own station and program.

Jumping at others with no plan other than to munch on what they say.

We are bunch of inferior beings. Lost. Envious.

16 Feb 2006


So, I can no more eat Danish blue cheese. Is this what you are telling me?

Well, it is not really the matter of eating or not eating, boycotting or not, it is for me the matter of the ideology, the moving force behind it. Just to be honest, I actually like the stand the muslim are taking with economically pushing and proving their power. I like that we can stand together for a cause. Use our strength point to push our way and say 'No, we don't like what you are saying. Please, stop. Don't even apologize. Just respect our feelings when we say we don't like the damn cartoon.' Good. Fine till here. End of story. But having some extremist say, 'death to denmark. Death to don't know what' is utter naivity and stupidity. You people, your prophet was made into a 'terrorist', and you are not doing anything other than taking this cartoon into reality. DAAA. Everyone of you, of us muslims, is a prophet. Not prophet Muhammad, but the symbol of Islam. The prophet himself in this cartoon, is not the Prophet Muhammad in blood and flesh, he is merely the symbol. So it is not about Prophet Muhammad, it is about the image and the message he carried.

So, aside with this 'what will the prophet tell me when I meet him.' Well, he won't say that you didn't defend me. He will say, you didn't defend yourself. Your identity. The message. But the prophet himself, well, he himself was hurt by the non-believers of his time. He didn't do anything. He focused on the message. On delivering it. Rectifying it. Not on his personal suffering. So enough with the emotional talks. Stop being on a listening mode. Enough being parrots and know what image or message of Islam you are trying to deliver and show the world.

Blue cheese or not, this has nothing to do with the prophet being put in a cartoon.

4 Feb 2006


Hey you! Why are you like that.


So where is the catch here? Don't say you don't know. You see it, yet unable to take an action, this is a total different story. But you do see a pattern. You do see where the manipulation is. Your side. The other side. You see position. Stronger. Weaker. You see who needs the other more. You see the possibility of being used. You see selfishness. You see passiveness. Playing with words. Art of negotiation. You are not convinced. You smell something fishy. Words like 'hope' and 'things will change' dont really ring a bell in you, yet you pretend to be convinced. You are not convinced. You just are curious, maybe, to see what will end. You know how it will end, but still want to attend. Aren't you bored, or it is just that you are hopeful this time it will work. Well, it might work but not if you continue that way. You see what you are doing. You are putting all one hold. Everyone. Everything. All on hold. Everyone including yourself. All on hold. For what? For when 'things change'.

Did really Tom Hanks unable to change the direction of the wind, thus had everything ready and waited for the tide to move him. Is this what he is doing now? Not sure. Define 'everything'. I am not convinced that 'everything' is done. Not even attempted. Yes. It is a judgement on my side. I said it, 'you plan everything so well. When it comes to this, I don't see you planning any.' This is what I think. Maybe I feel different.

My mind tells me if you remain silent. Not saying 'enough'. Not complaining it will harder and harder to change anything. The image will come back haunt you. This is what you are doing. Silence. Into great silence. Into great depression. Into more despair. Into more hope. Into more nothing and nothing. Silence maybe breed patience. Breed faith. But the prophet broke his own silence and went into action. Silence can be useful but if you are gathering momentum with this silence. Are you? You dont air your pain. It falls on deaf ears and blind eyes. Take an action. Afraid? Of what? Image? Image of what?